Wedding Bouquet Styles

You have picked the theme, the venue and the dress….. now to pick the wedding flowers! There are so many styles to chose from, so hopefully this will give you a helping start.

Posy bouquet
Round and small, this bouquet is normally small enough that you can hold in one hand. Probably the most versatile, working well with all wedding dress styles, settings and formality’s.


Loose – hand tied bouquet
This is a rustic more relaxed style of the posy – ideal for casual outdoor weddings.

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Cascading/Teardrop bouquet
The teardrop bouquet is the most traditional of bouquets, long in style and suiting a more formal style wedding. The cascading is also known as a spay and is also long but with overflowing flowers.

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Pomander bouquet
A ball shaped design that is very popular for bridesmaids and flower-girls. Also perfect as ceremony pew ends!


Pageant bouquet
The stems of this style bouquet are kept at a long length, in a way that the flower stems can lay across the brides arm.


My favourite place for wedding flower inspiration is columbia road flower market – so much fun! Just make sure to visit at the right time of year to make sure that your flowers will be in season.

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